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16. 10. 2015 Find the presentations from MFC 2015 in HERE
15. 10. 2015 You can find some photos from MFC 2015 in PHOTOGALLERY or through the FACEBOOK
05. 10. 2015 Find useful information on Social event
29. 10. 2015 The Agenda MFC 2015 has been released
26. 10. 2015 We are proud to inform you that we have arranged for you with Prague Convention Burreau FREE public transport ticket valid during MFC Conferece dates (4. – 6. November 2015) for all means of Public transport in Prague.
15. 10. 2015 See the updated version of MFC 2015 Agenda
10. 10. 2015 Thank you to all the Sponsors and Partners supporting MFC 2015 Conference



Welcome message

Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to participate in the 18th MFC annual conference titled: “Employment, Youth and Investment: What can Microfinance do?”

As we look ahead to the annual meeting, we recognize that economic crisis and uncertainty in Europe (and beyond) have major and direct ramifications for the microfinance industry and the people we serve. Therefore, now more than ever, it is important that we use our conference to discuss the issues that matter to you – to your institutions, your clients, your staff, your funders. Now more than ever, we need to have a dialogue about current microfinance practice: what’s working, what’s not, and what challenges are coming over the horizon that will require our collective attention and action.

Against this thematic backdrop, we would like to discuss issues of microfinance role in financing start-ups and social entrepreneurs, innovative ways of supporting youth, new trends in offering housing products, the role of microfinance in community development, the issues of dealing with currency risks and many others.

This year, in addition to our traditional workshops and plenaries, we’re testing an uncommon new format called “un-conference sessions”. We’re using these sessions to talk about any issues of interest to practitioners. If you’d like to convene a small, informal un-conference session to tap into the insights of your peers on a particular topic, challenge or need – please let us know.

Let me also invite all of the MFC member institutions to the MFC Membership Meeting that will take place on 4th November. This meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the MFC strategic and programmatic plans, get to know the new MFC members and network at a special MFC Member cocktail. We will provide more details information about this meeting in September.

The Pre-Conference Events will take place on Wednesday, 4th November.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at either (tel: +420 284 001 444) or

We look very much forward to seeing you in Prague.

Best regards,

MFC team